Etang de Pezieres IV - 48 Hour Film 2018 Real time. (ProRes 422 Full HD 1920 x 1080) 48 hour loop Computer, 55" professional screen ed 5/7(+2AP)

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The film comprises 4 sunrise to sunset sequences recorded over four seasons. Each segment begins with a macro focus on willow branches overhanging a pond, and the minute details of natural life. The camera zooms out over the course of each of the four days at a speed imperceptible to the casual observer - gradually revealing a broader pastoral scene at end of day.

This is the fourth film that Blondes has created on the √Čtang de P√®zieres, a feeder pool to a 12th C cloister, la Chartreuse de Liget, a monastery founded by Henry Plantagenet to atone for the murder of Thomas Becket. Time stands still there, a chapel can be found not far away in the woods. It is a place that resonates timelessness/stillness, and the cyclical and constant progression of man through history.

*Note: This is not the actual film. These sequences are a selection of 20 second segments with no transitions, excerpted from the original work.