La Petite Cartiniere Nord - 104 Hour Film 2020 Real time. High definition (ProRes 422 Full HD 1920 x 1080) 104 hour loop computer, custom wood frame, 55" screen vertical ed 1/7 (+2AP)

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La Petite Cartiere Nord, captures the view through a window in the Loire Valley, France, filmed for an hour at sunrise and an hour at sunset, once a week for a year. Imperceptibly evolving, the gradual shifts in the quality of light and weather move slowly to reveal the four seasons, from a double rainbow to a snow covered ground.

What one notices most is how the scene has changed from one encounter to the next. Playing in a loop, the viewer slowly falls into the film's rhythm, cataloguing sensations, remembering, anticipating, waiting and searching.

"A quiet landscape: a garden, a pasture, a farmed field, then woods. As much sky to look up into as land to look out over. Other than the occasional tractor ploughing or animal grazing, the only action in this 104 hour film is nature running its slow course. It’s the view out my window - when I open the shutters, the evolution never ceases to surprise, but mostly to reassure. It’s still here, I’m still here."

*Note: This is not the actual film. These sequences are a selection of 3 second segments with no transitions, excerpted from the original work.