Length of Days : 52 Weeks - 24 Hour Film 2011 Real time. High definition (HDV 1080i), 24 hour loop, ed 7(+2AP) N/A

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The film loops from sunrise on the Winter Solstice, 24 hours later to sunset again in the winter. The film can be viewed as a 24 hour clock.... winter at midnight, spring in the morning, summer at midday, fall in the evening, back to winter at midnight. However, it doesn't quite work like that.... the segments are shortened or lengthened proportionally, corresponding to the length of day throughout the year. The shortest (winter solstice) segment is 18m41s and 10 frames long; the segments at the equinox are 27m41s and 12 frames; the longest, summer solstice (the segment filmed the third week of June), is 36m40s and 20 frames long. Each week, the segment gets progressively longer and longer until mid-summer when the reverse happens all the way back to winter: The film expands and contracts... winter, the cold dark days 'feel' shorter and darker; summer long, slow, bright and hot.
*Note: This is not the actual film. These sequences are a selection of 20 second segments with no transitions, excerpted from the original work.