Lunar Perigee : 09h10m11s Film 2009 Real time, High definition (HDV 1080i), 09h10m11s hour loop, ed 3/7 (+2AP)

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The film begins January 11, 2009 at sunrise and culminates with sunset as the Full Moon rises above the horizon.
Lunar Perigee is the Moon at its closest to earth. The Moon's orbit being elliptical, Lunar Apogee occurs when it is furthest. At Perigee, the Moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter than when it is Apogee. It is rare for the Moon to be simultaneously Full and Perigee, an irregular occurrence happening usually only once or twice a year. In 2009 it was uniquely the 24 hour period between January 10th and 11th (thus the numerical significance of the film's length: 09h10m11s).
*Note: This is not the actual film. These sequences are a selection of 20 second segments with no transitions, excerpted from the original work.