Sky Grid - 1 Hour Film 2015 Real time. (ProRes 422 Full HD 1920 x 1080) One hour loop ed 2/7(+2AP) N/A

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Each rectangle in this film contains one full hour of film, starting on the upper left at the beginning of January and ending on the bottom right in the last weeks of December. Blondes filmed the same rectangle of sky once a week over the course of one year, combing the footage to create a single, one-hour loop. Constantly shifting, the subtle pattern of light made of nothing other than clouds, snow and sky create a grid that recalls both Blondes' Edition Prints and his Optic Paintings. The film appears to breath, each grid blending into and out of it's neighbour as the colour from one week to the next shifts from blue to grey. At first, the viewer perceives nothing but a blending of abstract patterns, only to realise after close observation that what they are looking at is in fact, real-time moving imagery. In Blondes' continued exploration of landscape, this film combines immediacy with both depth and breadth of time.