TdeF 360 Forest - 24 Hour Film 2013 Real time. (ProRes 422 Full HD 1920 x 1080) 24 hour loop computer, custom wood frame, 55" screen vertical ed 4/7 (+2AP)

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Filmed at the South-Eastern tip of Argentinian Tierra del Fuego.
The 360 degree cycle documents a graveyard of trees, felled or left standing virtually dead after being attacked by beavers. This non native species introduced 80 years ago has multiplied from a colony of 50 to a current population estimated to number over 200,000. With no natural predators on the island to regulate the population, they are 'eating themselves out of house and home'. When every tree is decimated, with no foliage left to eat, they will eventually die out, or swim the Straights of Magellan up to mainland Patagonia (which some observers have already documented).
It is poignant to note that this is occurring in the very place where Darwin explored with Captain Fitzroy on the Beagle during the 1830's, while developing what was at the time his controversial theory of natural selection.
This is not the actual film. These sequences are a selection of 20 second segments with no transitions, excerpted from the original work.